Tuesday, May 20, 2008


ALMA JEAN (DAY) COUNTZ 5/24/16 – 5/17/08
Written by her grandson Stan C. Countz


Mama Jean, Mama Jean; so many stories to tell
When she did something, she always did it well
There wasn't anything she couldn't do or sell
Mama Jean, Mama Jean come and sit a spell

She was born in Oklahoma in Nineteen Sixteen
Never got a college diploma but that was no big thing
She grew up in Indianola; had big hopes and dreams
She knew that she could do absolutely anything

She had two brothers and three sisters
She worked hard at daddy's general store
Had her husband and first son with her
During the great war but she wanted more

So she moved from the Indian nation
In Indianola, Oklahoma
All the way from the reservation
To build ships in California


Today she'd have ridden a Harley
She was quite a resourceful gal
Her first son's name was Charlie
Her husband's name was Al

Her husband and her second son
Died tragically and way too young
Magically she ran in a man's race
and actually took the day and won

Before the gays and the days of disco
She worked and played in San Francisco
Selling to shops and fashion boutiques
Tried her hand at crafts and antiques


She had no time to chat or to find another mate
Her glass was half full and she had a full plate
Full of sass, she bought and sold real estate
She made lots of cash for that day and age

Her office became her home and when she sold it
She'd pay off the loan, buy another one and hold it
She made a clean profit off it and then she rolled it
Fixed it up and sold it and did it all over again

She moved to Turlock from the East Bay
She bought and sold land and real estate
She sold twenty acres on her very first day
And learned a lot about life along the way


She moved to Auburn, to Lake of the Pines
She lived near a golf course and a nice lake
We'd visit her there and we'd stay the night
And we'd enjoy our little weekend getaway

Mamma Jean loved collecting all sorts of things
She had a place for everything and everything in its place
She liked golfing and quilting and lots of room and space
She had matchless taste; class, style and grace

She moved to Mariposa near Yosemite
Her son Charlie lived across the street
She enjoyed the view but not the heat
She liked to have her dog at her feet

Then one spring day, a few months ago
Her home and her life went up in smoke
Dad saved her twice but she went back in
To save her dog but she couldn't find him
Got third degree burns before she gave in

She was flown to Fresno and UC Davis a bit later
We hoped and prayed that they could save her
But her blood pressure dropped and she just stopped tryin'
Now she's walkin' streets of gold and she's no longer cryin'

She lived long and had a fruitful life
She was a mom, a grandma and a wife
Her favorite song was Mac the Knife
She was rarely wrong and sacrificed
Her energy, her time and, eventually, her life
Now she's in a better place with no stress or strife
She'll see Him face to face and He'll judge her life
Now's the time for us to say our last good byes
And to reminisce about the days gone by

Mama Jean, Mama Jean -- so many stories to tell
Mama Jean, Mama Jean -- reminisce and sit a spell
Mama Jean -- there was nothing you couldn't do or sell
Mama Jean -- we wish you well, we wish you well

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